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The Lord Is Worthy Of Every Soul

Kim and I are based now out of Fiji, the International hub to the Polynesian Islands.  At this moment we are working with the Fijian Assemblies of God to develop Spirit-Filled Children's ministry among the churches of this nation with 300 islands.  Right now we are focused on these following areas:

1 :  Children's Ministry Equipping, Resourcing, Discipling

2:  Challenging the churches to stretch their vision to believe that:

a) Kids can be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit

b) Children can be used in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to minister salvation, healing, and deliverance

c) Sunday School is the Secondary, not the Primary Tool  to disciple children;

The Primary Tool is Parents, and we need to equip them!


After we have reached the point where we can minister in the Fijian language,

and feel like we have started a significant fire in Spirit - filled children's ministry in Fiji, 

we will begin to travel to the other island nations of the Pacific and spread the fire!


Our leadership has asked us to spend time studying the culture and learning the language before we start visiting the islands. Our plan is to move to the island of Viti Levu where there is a campus of the University of Fiji and begin our studies.


If you remember, we did language and culture learning before going to Angola when we went to Portugal for a year. We don’t look at these times of training and development as just learning, but even while we were in Portugal we helped the Church of God form their National Children’s Ministry Department, and were doing outreaches to refugee African communities around Lisbon.

We never stop learning and we never stop ministering. There always must be that balance. Thanks for keeping us in prayer as we will be traveling these next few months from the USA to the Philippines in May, to Fiji and Namibia in June, and then back to Fiji in July. In September we will also travel to Micronesia and meet with the missionaries of that region in the country of Palau. This is the 'Ready, Aim', part of 'Ready, Aim, Fire.'

Ready, Aim, Fire
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