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We have been missionaries since 1995 serving 7 years in Angola before moving to Namibia in 2007. In 2018, we moved to Fiji and are the Polynesia Field Coordinators, raising up and mentoring  the team the Lord is building in Polynesia.


To bring kids into an encounter with the Holy Spirit so that they can know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and being thus empowered can minister to others.


Our definition of Children’s Ministry is not just our ministering to children, but includes the intentional involvement of children in Ministry. That is effective ministry indeed!

Children's Ministry

The emphasis or our ministry has been on winning children and youth to Christ and on training churches to do that as well.


We’ve enjoyed great success over the years because we were able to teach children that their Number One ministry is not to the schools, families, or even the lost, but it’s to the Lord (1 Samuel 3:1 “Now the child Samuel ministered to the Lord”).


We place great emphasis on ministering to the Lord through prayer, worship, and becoming filled with the Holy Spirit. This is because we recognize that it is only if this great ministry of being a friend to God is successful will any other subsequent ministry be successful. The depth of our intimacy will define the expanse of our impact.

Children's Minstry
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